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A Catholic school is given its particular character by the faith which inspired its founders to create the school, and run the school over time. 

Every generation that passes through the school, whether as pupils or staff, needs to draw from this shared vision of faith, and there is no better way than to build it into the fabric of the school day with Morning Prayers. 

This site is designed to make the content of our school Morning Prayers easily accessible. 

It is used in the classrooms of the London Oratory School, during the fifteen minute ‘Form Period’ everyday before classes begin.

Every week has its own theme, illustrated with a PowerPoint presentation of Christian art, and a script leaflet provided on a PDF for inclusion in the Form Registers. In this way, Form teachers can have the script conveniently available to read or give to a pupil to read as accompaniment to the Powerpoint.

Below, there is an Overview describing the arrangement of Morning Prayers in more detail, and then the files arranged by Term and then by Theme.


DISCLAIMER     No copyright is claimed for the text, and as far as I am aware, no copyright has been claimed for any of the images.

For further information or comment, please email Fr George Bowen, author of the programme, and chaplain of the London Oratory School, on